Plant Families Project Re-energized

Hi all!

The “plant families” project is re-envisioned and re-energized!

I got so excited about Selaginella, the genus Selaginellaceae is named after, I kept putting off publishing in favor of writing something long and in depth. Full disclosure, though, filling the post with detailed research and informative illustrations weren’t the only factors… I may have just a smidgen of a procrastination habit, too.

To combat my tendency to hold out for perfection- I could fill a book with all the Selaginella research I’d like to do- I’m going to post on individual themes every week. I will cover topics intriguing me until I’m satisfied with my understanding of them. I’m basically serializing the plant families project, a new direction developed out of a desire to satiate my curious nature.

To really dig into each family compelling me will take so much time, I’ll be here for generations! Tons of families already fascinate me and I haven’t even heard of half the extant ones, let alone fossil plants.

Buckle up- we’re in it for the long haul! I like taking my own sweet time, to be honest. I like deeply exploring a topic. Maybe some families really will take a week to research and illustrate… but somehow I doubt it.

So far, Selaginella has taken 4 weeks longer than planned. I love these fascinating plants! Topics I’ve been researching include iridescent blue leaves in shade loving species, the zombie “resurrection plant,” and some wild endodermal cell structure.

Exciting stuff!

I think it’s exciting, at any rate. I’ll post aspects of each family’s story most interesting to me. I hope you find these details interesting, too! My goal in illustrating my posts is to take people on a visual journey of learning and discovery like what I get to go on… but in a little more condensed format. This project will help me develop that illustration skill!

To make up for the radio silence of the past few weeks, here’s a resurrection plant growing in the northern Sonoran Desert in December 2016. Winter rain is something special! As is winter snow! I’m so grateful for the recent snow fall here in Northern AZ.

Happy botanizing!

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