Flagstaff Fall Festival Cornucopia

Summer feels like a fading memory in Northern Arizona. The past few days have been dry, cold, and windy. Grasses are ripening to yellow in the prairie wind and on the mountains above, aspens make their own transitions to quaking gold. Despite my chilled fingers and toes, I love our season of harvest and change and mystery.

Three sugar pumpkins and five other squash of various colors, patterns, and shapes in a pile in the grass.

This year, I’ll be welcoming this time of transition at Cornucopia, “a community wide celebration of fall, the turning of the leaves and PUMPKINS!” Indigo Art Market will have a booth at the festival 10am-9pm Sat, Sept 30. There will be carnival & hay rides, live music & theater, a pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, food & drink, and tons of other local vendors.

A hand holds a small yellow and green squash.

A top and side view of my favorite squash.

Eight other artists and I will be making and selling our work all day Saturday. I’m really excited for this upcoming time of art and community! The group is full of such talent and support for one another. I can’t wait to create with these lovely lady makers as well as check out the other vendors.

For drawing material, I’ll bring what squash we managed to grow in the garden this year. They’ll certainly make apt drawing material for Flagstaff’s fall festival: we experimented with saving seeds and ended up with a motley collection of cute, unique little fruits. Dreams of next years garden are already playing through my head! Harvest time always motivates me to plan for the future.

Speaking of the future of our garden, we’re currently working on a greenhouse! A greenhouse will make starting seeds a breeze and allow us to experiment all year round with hydroponics and container gardening. I’ll post updates as we continue with that process!

A hand shows the underside of a small yellow and green squash.

A view of the bottom of my favorite squash we grew.


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